Four Tactics For Well Thought Out Business Requirements

@randyzwitch how to get (reasonably) well thought-through requirements from business people? — Art Webb (@arthurlwebb) August 21, 2015 One of the most common issues in business (especially large corporations) is trying to nail down the requirements for a given analysis request. The “business people” on the front-lines are talking to their higher-ups about what they think […]

Destroy Your Data Using Excel With This One Weird Trick!

I often use Twitter as a place to vent about the horribleness of Excel, from the product itself to analyses its UI and workflow influences. Admittedly, some of this is snobbish preference: if everyone used my preferred tools, then the world would be a better place! But let me back off my snobbishness a bit and […]

100 Miles For charity:water – 12/1 Update

About halfway into my charity:water campaign (donate here), I’m pleased to say that I’ve raised $675!  Translated into miles, that’s 67.5 miles, of which I’ve run 37.95 thus far. The running is starting to get easier, but I’m starting to lose momentum on the donations side.  I’ve thoroughly worked the Facebook Friends network, and with […]

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