100 Miles For charity:water

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve started a project through the Analysis Exchange working with Jason Thompson and charity:water.  If you’re not familiar with the Analysis Exchange, it’s a program where aspiring web analysts and grizzled veterans* volunteer to provide analytics services to charities.  Through the Analysis Exchange, charities are helped, students are mentored, and the World is a slightly better place than when the project was started.

But just because I’m volunteering my time doesn’t mean I can’t raise some money also.  As we go into the holiday season, I’ve started a charity:water campaign:

100 miles for charity:water.

Find out about the details at my fundraising website.  As the weeks go by, I’ll be publishing a dashboard of the progress, with pictures of each of my runs for proof.  I’ll also be including such embarrassing KPI’s as avg. time per mile, current weight, and anything else I think of.

I’m already in for 5 miles.  There’s only 95 to go.


*Jason is the aspiring web analyst, and I’m the grizzled veteran.  I think.

Update:  After Day 1, already 27% of the way to $1000!  I’ll start paying off the miles this weekend, but there’s still plenty more opportunity to contribute.


  1. Charlotte74 says:

    That’s really cool using your expertise to help others. Good stuff.

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