Honored To Be a DAA Rising Star Nominee

dTonight the nominees for the 2013 Digital Analytics Association awards were announced.  I’m honored to say that I’ve been nominated for the ‘Rising Star’ award, the award for up-and-comers in the digital analytics industry!

It’s amazing to be considered for this award amongst so many other great analysts.  From fellow Philly star Rachael Gerson at SEER Interactive to former Keystoner Tim Patten now at Localytics, there’s an impressive amount of industry experience and know-how in the 2013 nominee list.

That said, you can only vote for one person per category, so if you’re not sure who you’re voting for let’s make it simple.  There’s only one nominee on the Rising Star list who:

  • Passed the DAA Certified Web Analyst certification, AND is an
  • Active participant on the DAA Certified Web Analyst Exam Committee, AND has a
  • 9.8 ranking at the Analysis Exchange across one student and two mentor projects, AND is
  • Certified in Adobe SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics, AND has a
  • Wide-range of analytics experience, from web analytics to customer segmentation, predictive modeling & machine learning, AND
  • Continuously shares tips and tricks in the above specialties via a personal blog and company blog, AND generally tries to
  • Help anyone and everyone in the digital analytics industry with their technical challenges

So if you’re a DAA member planning on voting, feel free to throw your vote my way. The first 100 votes for me gets a free 5-minute backrub from Jason Thompson, so don’t delay…

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