Declaring Twitter Bankruptcy

Is Twitter bankruptcy a thing? Delete all the people you follow and force yourself to re-discover them again? — Randy Zwitch (@randyzwitch) November 7, 2014 Maybe I don't have enough to do today, or a long day of vendor calls has made me … [Continue reading]

Evaluating BreakoutDetection


A couple of weeks ago, Twitter open-sourced their BreakoutDetection package for R, a package designed to determine shifts in time-series data. The Twitter announcement does a great job of explaining the main technique for detection (E-Divisive with … [Continue reading]

Visualizing Website Pathing With Sankey Charts

In my prior post on visualizing website structure using network graphs, I referenced that network graphs showed the pairwise relationships between two pages (in a bi-directional manner). However, if you want to analyze how your visitors are pathing … [Continue reading]