RSiteCatalyst Version 1.4 Release Notes

It felt like it would never happen, but RSiteCatalyst v1.4 is now available on CRAN! There are numerous changes in this version of the package, so unlike previous posts, there won't be any code examples. THIS VERSION IS ONE BIG BREAKING … [Continue reading]

Visualizing Analytics Languages With VennEuler.jl


It often doesn't take much to get me off track, and on a holiday weekend...well, I was just begging for a fun way to shirk. Enter Harlan Harris: someone redo this area-prop'l Venn w/ my Julia pkg! … [Continue reading]

String Interpolation for Fun and Profit

In a┬áprevious post, I showed how I frequently use Julia as a 'glue' language to connect multiple systems in a complicated data pipeline. For this blog post, I will show two more examples where I use Julia for general programming, rather than for … [Continue reading]