Video: Overlay Histogram in R (Normal, Density, Another Series)

This video explains how to overlay histogram plots in R for 3 common cases: overlaying a histogram with a normal curve, overlaying a histogram with a density curve, and overlaying a histogram with a second data series plotted on a secondary … [Continue reading]

Thoughts On The DAA Certified Web Analyst exam

As part of the festivities at the Philly DAA Symposium two weeks ago, I sat for the DAA Certified Web Analyst exam.  As part of Keystone Solutions' corporate sponsorship of the DAA, I was able to take the exam "free"...and today I found out I … [Continue reading]

Philly DAA Symposium 2012 Raises The Bar


As an attendee of quite a few conferences and webinars in my career, I've become somewhat jaded. What often seems like a great agenda when registering usually turns to disappointment upon delivery, either because the speaker won't present hard … [Continue reading]