Getting Started Using Hadoop, Part 4: Creating Tables With Hive

In the previous three tutorials (1, 2, 3), we've covered the background of Hadoop, how to build a proof-of-concept Hadoop cluster using Amazon EC2 and how to upload a .zip file to the cluster using Hue. In Part 4, we'll use the data uploaded from the … [Continue reading]

Anomaly Detection Using The Adobe Analytics API


As digital marketers & analysts, we're often asked to quantify when a metric goes beyond just random variation and becomes an actual "unexpected" result. In cases such as A/B..N testing, it's easy to calculate a t-test to quantify the difference … [Continue reading]

Tabular Data I/O in Julia

Importing tabular data into Julia can be done in (at least) three ways: reading a delimited file into an array, reading a delimited file into a DataFrame and accessing databases using ODBC. … [Continue reading]