Adobe Analytics Implementation Documentation in 60 Seconds

When I was working as a digital analytics consultant, no question quite had the ability to cause belly laughs AND angst as, "Can you send me an updated copy of your implementation documentation?" I saw companies that were spending … [Continue reading]

Using Amazon EC2 with IPython Notebook

Last week, I wrote a guest blog post at Bad Hessian about how to use IPython Notebook along with Amazon EC2 as your data science & analytics platform. I won't reproduce the whole article here, but if you are interested in step-by-step instruction … [Continue reading]

Adding Line Numbers in IPython/Jupyter Notebooks


Lately, I've been using Jupyter Notebooks for all of my Python and Julia coding. The ability to develop and submit small snippets of code and create plots inline is just so useful that it has broken the stranglehold of using an IDE while I'm coding. … [Continue reading]