Sessionizing Log Data Using SQL


Over my career as a predictive modeler/data scientist, the most important step(s) in any data project without question have been data cleaning and feature engineering. By taking the data you have, correcting flaws and reformulating raw data into … [Continue reading]

RSiteCatalyst Version 1.4.3 Release Notes


It's a new year, version of RSiteCatalyst on CRAN! For the most part, this release fixes a handful of bugs that weren't noticed with the prior release 1.4.2 (oops!), but there are pieces of additional functionality. New functionality: Data … [Continue reading]

Review: Data Science at the Command Line


Admission: I didn't really know how computers worked until around 2012. For the majority of my career, I've worked for large companies with centralized IT functions. Like many statisticians, I fell into a comfortable position of learning SAS in a … [Continue reading]