Getting Started Using Hadoop, Part 1: Intro

For the last couple of days I've been at the eMetrics conference in San Francisco. There were several panels that discussed big data, both from an engineering standpoint as well as how to adopt newer technologies from a business … [Continue reading]

Instructions for Installing & Using R on Amazon EC2

If you're an R user, you've surely heard all the hype around 'big data' and how R is commonly used to analyze these volumes of data. One thing that's often missing from the discussion is HOW to work around issues using big data and R, specifically … [Continue reading]

Automated Re-Install of Packages for R 3.0

With the big release of R 3.0 today comes an unfortunate side effect of needing to re-install all of your packages. Luckily, R provides a pretty easy method of getting all of your packages into a list for automated re-install.  Here's how to do it … [Continue reading]