Video: SQL Queries in R using sqldf

This video covers how to run SQL queries using the 'sqldf' package within R. This sqldf tutorial was part of a Keystone Solutions podcast discussion about data science and what skills beginning analysts should be learning to improve their skill … [Continue reading]

Adding a ‘Back to Top’ Link on WordPress

'Back to Top' link added to the bottom of the Scrappy WordPress theme

In a previous post, I discussed how to remove "Powered By WordPress" from the footer of the Scrappy theme.  You might also want to add a "Back to Top" link in the footer, especially if your blog has a lot of vertical distance from the top to the … [Continue reading]

Video: Overlay Histogram in R (Normal, Density, Another Series)

This video explains how to overlay histogram plots in R for 3 common cases: overlaying a histogram with a normal curve, overlaying a histogram with a density curve, and overlaying a histogram with a second data series plotted on a secondary … [Continue reading]