Google Analytics SEO reports: Not Ready For Primetime?


On October 4th, Google announced that the Webmaster Tools/Google Analytics integration was now available to all users. The three new reports (Queries, Landing Pages, and Geographical Summary) are intended to allow site owners and content creators to … [Continue reading]

An Afternoon With Edward Tufte

Tufte Seminar Philly

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the "Presenting Data and Information" seminar hosted by Edward Tufte in Philadelphia.  A world-renowned expert in the field of data presentation/visualization, Edward Tufte has written seven books outlining … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics Custom Variables: A Page-Level Example

GA custom variables can be Visitor, Session, or Page-level in scope

Once you've implemented Google Analytics on your WordPress blog, you'll likely find that the default reports aren't providing the site-specific information you are looking for...or, maybe just not at the level of aggregation you'd prefer.   Google … [Continue reading]