My Top 20 Least Useful Omniture Reports

Just because data CAN be captured doesn't mean it SHOULD be!

In a prior post about customizing the SiteCatalyst menu interface, I discussed how simple changes such as hiding empty Omniture variables/reports and re-organizing the menu structure will help improve understanding within your organization.  In the … [Continue reading]

Apple Has Earned a Customer for Life

macbook pro broken hinge

I used to think that when people talked about the "legendary Apple customer service" that there was plenty of hyperbole thrown in for good measure.  Until it happened to me with my broken MacBook Pro hinge. … [Continue reading]

Where’s The Relevance, Twitter?

twitter promoted tweets no better than spam

Before we get started, let's get something out of the way:  Yes, I know I'm complaining about a free service that I don't have to use.  And further, it's their platform to do whatever they want... I can't fault Twitter for wanting to monetize … [Continue reading]