Twenty Eleven Child Theme: Creating CSS File

With the Twenty Eleven child theme directory created as "twentyeleven-child" in the '/wp-content/themes' directory, we're now ready to create the first file as part of the child theme: the CSS file. While we could just copy the existing CSS file … [Continue reading]

Picking a WordPress Theme: Fancy or Basic?

A complicated Wordpress theme may LOOK better... As I referenced in my prior post, when I was getting The Fuqua Experience (TFE) off the ground, I tried to find good-looking themes to complement my writing.  For a while, I used the Cutline 3-column … [Continue reading]

Does the World Really Need Another Web Analytics Blog?

Google Analytics Main Dashboard

Is there really anything left to be said about Wordpress and Google Analytics? The impetus in starting this blog is due in part to my frustration in first learning about web analytics and blogging.  When I started my first blog, The Fuqua … [Continue reading]