iPhone 4S: A Worthy Upgrade Clouded By Activation Issues


When the iPhone 4S was announced on October 4th, there was much gnashing of teeth by Apple fanboys and stock market analysts about how this "lackluster" iPhone refresh was going to allow competitors to overtake Apple. That without a re-designed case … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics SEO reports: Not Ready For Primetime?


On October 4th, Google announced that the Webmaster Tools/Google Analytics integration was now available to all users. The three new reports (Queries, Landing Pages, and Geographical Summary) are intended to allow site owners and content creators to … [Continue reading]

An Afternoon With Edward Tufte

Tufte Seminar Philly

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the "Presenting Data and Information" seminar hosted by Edward Tufte in Philadelphia.  A world-renowned expert in the field of data presentation/visualization, Edward Tufte has written seven books outlining … [Continue reading]