Google Analytics Custom Variables: A Page-Level Example

GA custom variables can be Visitor, Session, or Page-level in scope

Once you've implemented Google Analytics on your WordPress blog, you'll likely find that the default reports aren't providing the site-specific information you are looking for...or, maybe just not at the level of aggregation you'd prefer.   Google … [Continue reading]

How To Remove “This entry was posted in” on WordPress single posts

In prior posts, I've commented that I'm a fan of clean, sleek design when it comes to WordPress themes.  I've added the "breadcrumb" style navigation to the top of my posts, which makes the "This Entry was Posted in <category>" and "Bookmark … [Continue reading]

Reflections on Xchange 2011: Time To Get Back To Work!


Now that I've been home from San Diego for a few days and had some time to reflect, Xchange 2011 is one of those moments where I realized that I'm just one of many people in the digital measurement community and that I've got a TON to learn!  There … [Continue reading]