Getting Started Using R, Part 2: Rcmdr


In my first post in this series, I discussed RStudio, an IDE that adds significant functionality and consistency to a basic installation of R.  In this post, I will discuss Rcmdr, a GUI that provides the ability to do basic business statistics … [Continue reading]

Getting Started Using R, Part 1: RStudio

R Studio is an IDE that dramatically improves the R experience

Despite my preference for SAS over R, there are some add-ons to "basic" R that I've found that have made my learning process way easier.  While I'm still in my infancy in learning R, I feel like once I found these additional tools, my ability to use … [Continue reading]

Learning R Has Really Made Me Appreciate SAS

For the past 18 months, it seems like all I've heard about in the digital marketing industry is "big data", and with that, mentions of using Hadoop and R to solve these sorts of problems.  Why are these tools the most often mentioned?  Because they … [Continue reading]