Get Rich With Google AdSense And WordPress!

Google Adsense financial performance

There are as many reasons to blog as there are people on Earth.  Whether it's to use a blog as a personal diary, a means to share something you are passionate about (like cooking, as my wife does), a "voice" for your professional career or something … [Continue reading]

For Maximum User Understanding, Customize the SiteCatalyst Menu

Omniture stock menu interface

Customizing anything is better than customizing nothing - Jason Egan (@jasonegan) Visits vs. Visitors vs. Unique, view-throughs, bounces...these concepts in digital analytics are fairly abstract, and many in business … [Continue reading]

Effect Of Modified Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

Google Analytics Bounce Rate chart

A few months back, Justin Cutroni posted on his blog some jQuery code that modifies how Google Analytics tracks content.  Specifically, the code snippet changes how bounce rate and time on site are calculated, creates a custom variable to classify … [Continue reading]