Calling RSiteCatalyst From Python


@randyzwitch Do you know if anyone has gotten RSiteCat running in a Jupyter Notebook that ran RPY2? Tired of using 2 different environments — Adam Gitzes (@FootballActuary) February 18, 2016 This will be a very short post, because the only … [Continue reading]

RSiteCatalyst Version 1.4.7 (and 1.4.6.) Release Notes

It seems as though I missed release notes for version RSiteCatalyst 1.4.6, so we'll do those and RSiteCatalyst 1.4.7 (now on CRAN) and the same time... RSiteCatalyst 1.4.6 This release was mostly tweaking some settings, specifically: Adding a … [Continue reading]

A Million Text Files And A Single Laptop


More often that I would like, I receive datasets where the data has only been partially cleaned, such as the picture on the right: hundreds, thousands...even millions of tiny files. Usually when this happens, the data all have the same format (such … [Continue reading]