Building JSON in R: Three Methods

When I set out to build RSiteCatalyst, I had a few major goals: learn R, build a CRAN-worthy package and learn the Adobe Analytics API. As I reflect back on how the package has evolved over the past two years and what I've learned, I think my … [Continue reading]

Using SQL Workbench with Apache Hive


If you've spent any non-trivial amount of time working with Hadoop and Hive at the command line, you've likely wished that you could interact with¬†Hadoop like you would any other database. If you're lucky, your Hadoop administrator has already … [Continue reading]

Real-time Reporting with the Adobe Analytics API

Starting with version 1.3.1 of RSiteCatalyst, you can now access the real-time reporting capabilities of the Adobe Analytics API¬†through a familiar R interface. Here's how to get started... GetRealTimeConfiguration Before using the real-time … [Continue reading]