21st Century C: Error 64 on OSX When Using Make

To end 2015, I decided to finally learn C, instead of making it a 2016 resolution! I had previously done the 'Learn C The Hard Way' tutorials, taken about a year off, and thus forgotten everything. Rather than re-do the same material, I decided to … [Continue reading]

Four Tactics For Well Thought Out Business Requirements

@randyzwitch how to get (reasonably) well thought-through requirements from business people? — Art Webb (@arthurlwebb) August 21, 2015 One of the most common issues in business (especially large corporations) is trying to nail down the … [Continue reading]

RSiteCatalyst Version 1.4.5 Release Notes

It's only been a month since the last RSiteCatalyst update, and this update is also a pretty minor update in terms of functionality. Set Your Own Endpoint For the overseas users (or companies with weird setups), you can now use the … [Continue reading]