JuliaCon 2015: Everyday Analytics and Visualization (video)

At long last, here's the video of my presentation from JuliaCon 2015, discussion common analytics tasks and visualization. This is really two talks, the first being an example of using the citibike NYC API to analyze ridership of their public bike … [Continue reading]

Apple MacBook Pro Model A1286 Declared Vintage – The End Of An Era

It's hard to believe it's been over 2.5 years since I wrote about my experience with Apple trying to get my Broken MacBook Pro Hinge fixed. Since that time, my Late 2008 MacBook Pro continued to work flawlessly, most of the time keeping up with the … [Continue reading]

Authenticated API Testing Using Travis CI

As I've become more serious about contributing in the open-source community, having quality tests for my packages has been something I've spent much more time on than when I was just writing quick-and-dirty code for my own purposes. My most used … [Continue reading]