Removing ‘Powered by WordPress’ From Scrappy

My wife started a food blog this weekend and decided to use the “Scrappy” WordPress theme by Caroline Moore.  But like all WordPress themes, there are a few customizations that are usually made to personalize the theme, the first of which is removing “Powered by WordPress” in the footer.

This blog post is essentially the same as my prior blog post about removing “Powered by WordPress” from the Twenty Eleven theme, but of course, for the Scrappy theme!  This post assumes you’ve created a child theme already, so that the changes you make persist even if the theme gets updated by the original author.

Copy the footer.php file from the Scrappy theme

The first thing to do to customize the Scrappy footer is make a copy of the footer.php file from the Scrappy theme and place it in your child theme folder.  It is this file that we will modify in order to remove “Powered by WordPress” and the reference to the Scrappy theme name.

Comment out code within the “site-info” section of the footer

Within the footer code, there is a <div> section that references “site-info”:

What we want to do is comment out the code, starting at the first php reference and ending after the “Caroline Moore” line.  We can do this using the “<!–” and “–>” codes.  When the code is commented out correctly, it will look like the following:

Be sure to hit “Save” to your footer.php file after making the comment changes, and you’re all done:  no more “Powered by WordPress”!

WordPress Scrappy footer

Original “Scrappy” footer – Powered by WordPress

WordPress Scrappy footer modified

Modified WordPress Scrappy footer (with slightly different pattern!)

Adding your own footer text

If you want to add your own footer text, like a copyright statement, you can add any HTML code you want within the same section of code where we just commented out code.  For an example of how to add a copyright statement, see the bottom of my prior blog post about modifying the footer of the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme.

That’s it!  One step closer to making the WordPress Scrappy theme your own.


  1. EricHope1 says:

    I’m an absolute beginner with WordPress (so please forgive me if my questions are elementary), and have built a simple Landing Page using the Scrappy theme.  I’d like to get the footer off of my page as well, but some of the things you mention here are kind of over my head.  For example, how would I go about copying the footer.php file?  What do I click on to access this file?  And what does it mean to “comment out the code”?  Forgive me: I’m just not familiar with this terminology.  I want to follow the instructions you gave here, but I fear I’m too much of a newbie to understand.
    Hoping to hear from you.

    •  @EricHope1 Hi Eric, thanks for stopping by! 
      One of the things I  should’ve stated more explicitly is that you need to be self-hosting your WordPress blog, the above instructions won’t work if the blog is hosted on   Did you create your blog using a hosting company like GoDaddy or Host Gator, or is your blog URL something like

      • EricHope1 says:

        Hi.  It’s a self-hosted blog, on my own domain.

        •  @EricHope1 Perfect!  So the article above assume you are creating a “child theme” in WordPress.  What a child theme allows you to do is make changes to a “parent theme” (in this case, Scrappy) without modifying the original files.  The reason this is important is that if you modify the original theme files and an update occurs, the update will overwrite your changes.  You can read more about how to create a child theme here:

          To create a child theme, first create a new folder in your WordPress theme directory on your server (the same place where your current Scrappy folder is located).  Then, you need to create a CSS file in this new directory that references the “parent” child theme.  See the above link for more detailed directions about the exact file specifications.
          Once you have created your child theme and activated it within the WordPress panel, you are now at the step where you can copy the footer.php file from the original Scrappy theme on your server into your child theme folder.  By doing this, you can now modify the text within this file to remove the “Powered by WordPress” text.
          To “comment out” text, you use <!–  and –> symbols.  You can see above in the second code snippet where I’ve used these symbols.  By placing lines in between the two symbols, you are effectively telling WordPress to ignore the code that is there.  By ignoring the code between the two symbols, the “Powered by WordPress” text is removed from the footer of your site.
          Hope this helps…but if not, let me know and we’ll figure out a way to get it working on your site.

        • EricHope1 says:

          OK, so I’ve done what you said in this & the other referenced posts, and while the “Powered by WordPress”, etc. footer is gone, what I appear to be left with is some sort of odd, skeletal version of the page, missing the background & all the other formatting.  Do I need to copy the ENTIRE CONTENTS of the original “Scrappy” folder, or just the “footer.php” file + a new “style.css”? These 2 files are all I have in my child theme folder.

        •  @EricHope1 No, you don’t need to copy the entire set of files…the minimum you need for a child theme to work is the style.css file.  As you want to modify the header or footer, you can copy the individual header.php or footer.php file into your child theme.
          I’m not sure why you’re getting a weird version of your site after the changes.  Did you include the @import statement to the original CSS file from Scrappy?  Your style.css file should contain the following code after the file header:
          @import url(“../scrappy/style.css”);
          If that doesn’t work, post a URL where I can take a look at what’s going on.

        • EricHope1 says:

           @randyzwitch  @EricHope1  @import  @import 
          OK, I’ve went back & checked my code a few times (looks right to me), went back to the original Scrappy theme, and then toggled back to my child theme, and it always ends up the same.  Am not sure if you’re actively looking at this at the moment, but if you have a sec, I’ve activated the child theme for you to see.  The URL of my Primary Domain (I have others parked there as well, and those are the ones that I’m actually using) is  Have a look, and if you want maybe I can send you a copy of my modified style.css & footer.php files, so you can have a look at them.
          Thanks.  I really appreciate your assistance.
          (Feel free to email me directly, if necessary.  Might be faster)

        • EricHope1 says:

          Heads-up: I switched it back to the original theme (WITH the “Powered by WordPress” footer).  Couldn’t bear to look at it all screwy, like it was.  Let me know when you want to have a look, and I’ll activate my child theme for you.
          Hope to hear from you.

        •  @EricHope1 I sent you an email, or at least the email that was on your cloudberry site.  Are you not at the email?
          I believe your problem is with the CSS file, and the email has the explanation in it.

  2. CarrieLorfano says:

    First, thank you for the terrific tips!  Using your site, I was able to create a child theme and eliminate the “powered by” in the footer.  However when I attempted to add a custom copyright, everything got screwed up.  In the footer.php file from the Scrappy theme, there was no “site generator” div tag.  I attempted to place it before the div class, “site info”, but it didn’t work and interfered with the widget structure in the footer.  Any other suggestions where it may go?

    • @CarrieLorfano Hi Carrie, thanks for stopping by!
      To do what you want, you should be able to modify the code snippet I used in my example above.  The “Powered by WordPress” footer is nicely centered and below the bottom banner; the widgets are above the bottom banner image.
      So what you can do is re-use the”Scrappy Credits” section of the footer.  Here’s a code snippet that should work.  Instead of putting the commented out sections around the entire PHP block, just comment out the text inside the Scrappy credits section.
      The link below has code that should work…just replace “Your Text Goes Here” with the language you want to see in the footer.
      Let me know if this doesn’t work and we can try something else.

      • CarrieLorfano says:

        This worked beautifully!!!  Thank you so much!  I really appreciate your quick response – I don’t get that in the support forums!  I’d love to know if you  have any recommendations for adding code for a “back to top” link?  Apparently the way Scrappy was built, it doesn’t accept the plug-ins for adding that type of button.  Again, thank you! @randyzwitch  @CarrieLorfano

        • @CarrieLorfano It should be fairly easy to do using anchor links in HTML.  Where are you looking to add this link to the bottom of?  Just single posts?

        • CarrieLorfano says:

          @randyzwitch  @CarrieLorfano Well, I’m a bit greedy – I’d love the link to show on all pages, especially the blog index page.  I have one for my other site and I love it.  Unfortunately it’s a different framework – and offered as a ready-made option – so I’m not sure how to manipulate the code for Scrappy to achieve the same results.

        • @CarrieLorfano Take a look at now…if that’s what you’re after, I’ll write another tutorial post on how to do this for Scrappy.

        • CarrieLorfano says:

          @randyzwitch Yes, that would be fabulous!  Thank you for all your help!

        • @CarrieLorfano Here, you go…enjoy!

        • CarrieLorfano says:

          @randyzwitch  @CarrieLorfano You’re amazing!  Thank you for writing the tutorial so quickly!  I look forward to making the changes.  Last question, did your wife have to modify anything specific in the CSS to enable the category/tag links and comments to show up in her posts?  I have a question into the forum but thought I’d see if you had to customize anything for Zwitchen.  For some reason, none show up for mine.  I thought it strange.  Again, thank you!

        • @CarrieLorfano If I remember correctly, the Scrappy theme only allows for categories or tags, but not both.  So I modified the theme at some point to show both.  The changes were in the PHP files themselves, not the stylesheet.
          Let me take a look and see if I can remember what I did.

        • @CarrieLorfano If I remember correctly, the Scrappy theme only allows for categories or tags, but not both.  So I modified the theme at some point to show both.  The changes were in the PHP files themselves, not the stylesheet.
          Let me take a look and see if I can remember what I did.

  3. Is there any harm in showing ‘Powered by WordPress’?

  4. CarrieLorfano says:

    Hello, Randy!  This post worked perfectly 2 months ago, but now I have a second Caroline Moore theme, Lazy Sunday and attempted to use the same tutorial.  Unfortunately it didn’t work.  Are there any other code clues within the footer.php I can look for to take out “powered by” as well as her theme name?  There was nothing similar like the above “php do-action” in this newest theme.  Thanks!

    • @CarrieLorfano HI Carrie.  To remove the powered by wordpress from the footer.php file, look for the piece of code with the words “<div class=”footer-colophon”>”…putting the <!–   before the footer-colophon section, and the –> after the next <div> tag should remove that text.

      • CarrieLorfano says:

        @randyzwitch Again, thank you so much!  I think I mistakenly put the last code before the <div> tag.  I’ll try it!

      • CarrieLorfano says:

        @randyzwitch Good news, it removed the text in the footer – YAY!  Bad news, it removed the footer color and wrapper customization.

        • CarrieLorfano says:

          @randyzwitch Randy, I did some playing around and got it to work!  I looked up the footer.php to the Scrappy theme and changed the first code <!– to right before the <a href rather than before the <div class-“footer-colophon”> and it worked 🙂  Thanks again for the help!

        • @CarrieLorfano That’s great Carrie, glad you were able to figure it out.

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