Adobe Analytics Clickstream Data Feed: Calculations and Outlier Analysis

In a previous post, I outlined how to load daily Adobe Analytics Clickstream data feeds into a PostgreSQL database. While this isn’t a long-term scalable solution for large e-commerce companies doing millions of page views per day, for exploratory analysis a relational database structure can work well until a more robust solution is put into […]

Adobe: Give Credit. You DID NOT Write RSiteCatalyst.

EDIT 5/10/2016 1:30pm: Several folks from Adobe Analytics/Adobe Marketing Cloud have contacted me, and everything is resolved. I can’t untweet other people’s retweets/shares or delete comments on LinkedIn, but if everyone could stop sharing any more that would be great. 🙂 As an author of several open-source software projects, I’ve taken for granted that people […]

Travis CI: “You Have Too Many Tests LOLZ!”

No output has been received in the last 10m0s, this potentially indicates a stalled build or something wrong with the build itself. As part of getting RSiteCatalyst 1.4.8 ready for CRAN, I’ve managed to accumulate hundreds of testthat tests across 63 test files. Each of these tests runs on Travis CI against an authenticated API, and the […]

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