Vega.jl Rebooted – Now with 100% More Pie and Donut Charts!

          Mmmmm, chartjunk! Rebooting Vega.jl Recently, I’ve found myself without a project to hack on, and I’ve always been interested in learning more about browser-based visualization. So I decided to revive the work that John Myles White had done in building Vega.jl nearly two years ago. And since I’ll be giving […]

Sessionizing Log Data Using data.table [Follow-up #2]

Thanks to user dnlbrky, we now have a third way to accomplish sessionizing log data for any arbitrary time out period (see methods 1 and 2), this time using data.table from R along with magrittr for piping: I agree with dnlbrky in that this feels a little better than the dplyr method for heavy SQL users […]

Sessionizing Log Data Using dplyr [Follow-up]

Last week, I wrote a blog post showing how to sessionize log data using standard SQL. The main idea of that post is that if your analytics platform supports window functions (like Postgres and Hive do), you can make quick work out of sessionizing logs. Here’s the winning query:One nested sub-query and two window functions are […]

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