Visualizing Website Pathing With Sankey Charts

In my prior post on visualizing website structure using network graphs, I referenced that network graphs showed the pairwise relationships between two pages (in a bi-directional manner). However, if you want to analyze how your visitors are pathing through your site, you can visualize your data using a Sankey chart. Visualizing Single Page-to-Next Page Pathing […]

Visualizing Website Structure With Network Graphs

Last week, version 1.4 of RSiteCatalyst was released, and now it’s possible to get site pathing information directly within R. Now, it’s easy to create impressive looking network graphs from your Adobe Analytics data using┬áRSiteCatalyst and┬ád3Network. In this blog post, I will cover simple and force-directed network graphs, which show the pairwise representation between pages. […]

RSiteCatalyst Version 1.4 Release Notes

It felt like it would never happen, but RSiteCatalyst v1.4 is now available on CRAN! There are numerous changes in this version of the package, so unlike previous posts, there won’t be any code examples. THIS VERSION IS ONE BIG BREAKING CHANGE While not the most important improvement, it can’t be stressed enough that migrating […]