RSiteCatalyst Version 1.4.7 (and 1.4.6.) Release Notes

It seems as though I missed release notes for version RSiteCatalyst 1.4.6, so we’ll do those and RSiteCatalyst 1.4.7 (now on CRAN) and the same time… RSiteCatalyst 1.4.6 This release was mostly tweaking some settings, specifically: Adding a second `top` argument within the Queue* functions for more control on results returned. It used to be […]

RSiteCatalyst Version 1.4.5 Release Notes

It’s only been a month¬†since the last RSiteCatalyst update, and this update is also a pretty minor update in terms of functionality. Set Your Own Endpoint For the overseas users (or companies with weird setups), you can now use the endpoint¬†argument in the SCAuth() function to specify your API endpoint. For the most part, this […]

RSiteCatalyst Version 1.4.4 Release Notes

It’s been about six months since the last RSiteCatalyst update, and this update is really just a single bug fix, but a big bug fix at that! Sparse Data = Opaque Error Messages Numerous people have reported receiving an error message from RSiteCatalyst similar to the following: ‘names’ attribute [1] must be the same length […]

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