Where’s The Relevance, Twitter?

twitter promoted tweets no better than spam

Left: #WWDC (Apple developer conference)           Right: #EdLoverDance

Before we get started, let’s get something out of the way:  Yes, I know I’m complaining about a free service that I don’t have to use.  And further, it’s their platform to do whatever they want…

I can’t fault Twitter for wanting to monetize their platform.  Given that Twitter (and pretty much every social network) would collapse if they started charging users, selling ads is pretty much the de facto next move.  But given the recent declaration by GM that they dropped Facebook ads because they “don’t work”, why isn’t Twitter making a better effort to provide relevance with their Promoted Tweets?

Promoted Tweet 1:  Apple Worldwide Developer Conference vs. Pepsi/Nicki Minaj

Like many, I was interested in reading about the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.  Rather than wait for Engadget to summarize the conference, I checked into Twitter to see what others were tweeting.

BOOM!  Nicki Manaj!  Barbie shot a commercial, gave up her underground hood status!

Uh, ok.  Can’t think of anything further from a tech conference than a rapper whose name is a no-so-subtle reference to sex.

Promoted Tweet 2:  Ed Lover Dance vs. Dell for Business

If you don’t know the Ed Lover Dance, you’re either not a fan of hip-hop or you’re not as old as me.  Regardless, one thing the Ed Lover Dance is NOT is Dell for Business.  Unless, of course, someone has a video of Michael Dell doing the Ed Lover Dance, in that case, carry on…

Let’s do better, Twitter…I’ve given you 3,500 opportunities to learn about me

Twitter, I’ve given you 3,500 opportunities to learn about me through my tweets.  Yes, sometimes I write utter nonsense.  But even then, you can get at least some idea of who I am.

You also know the other Twitter accounts I interact with regularly.  Klout is making an effort to figure me out and what topics I’m influential about.  You’ve got the source data Twitter, start mining!

Start providing some relevance in the Promoted Tweets, and maybe my click-through rate will increase from 0.00% to 0.01%!


  1. LOL ! I was unable to find the relevance.

  2. Somehow Ads on every site I visit think I’m ever so interested in Rackspace hosting. I wish they would just figure out that I work at Rackspace and peddle other products to me.

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