This method changes the series colors for all ECharts accepting a top-level color argument. Currently, the only chart type where colorscheme! has no effect is that gauge chart type; use the colors argument from the gauge function directly to change its colors.

Method Signatures

colorscheme!(ec::EChart, palette::Tuple{AbstractString,Any}) #ColorBrewer or NoveltyColors palettes
colorscheme!(ec::EChart, palette::Union{AbstractString, JSFunction}) #Single color or gradient
colorscheme!(ec::EChart, palette::AbstractVector) #Specify array of user-defined colors

Optional Arguments

reversePalette::Bool = false



using ECharts
names = ["sales", "administration", "information technology", "customer support", "development",
max = [6500, 16000, 30000, 38000, 52000, 25000]
values = [4300, 10000, 28000, 35000, 50000, 19000]
values2 = 0.7 .* values
r = radar(names, hcat(values, values2), max, fill = [false, true])
colorscheme!(r, ("acw", "JapaneseGarden"))

palette and reversePalette

using ECharts
v = [100,60,80,70,50]
n = ["A", "B", "C", "D", "E"]
fn = funnel(n, v)
colorscheme!(fn,  ("acw", "VitaminC"), reversePalette = true)