This function is just a convenience function around the bar function with stacked = true and the offset series color set as transparent in order to give the waterfall chart effect.

Pass in your values as you expect to see them on the chart, positive or negative and in order. The function will do the offset calculations and the total calculation and automatically add them to the chart.

Method Signatures

waterfall(x::AbstractVector, y::AbstractVector{<:Real}})

Optional Arguments

legend::Bool = false
scale::Bool = false
kwargs...(modifies top-level `EChart` fields)

Missing Value Support

Missing values are not supported in waterfall(); if there is no change in values between steps, use a value of 0 instead of missing.


Single Series

using ECharts
x = 1:5
y = [2900, -1200, -300, -200, -900]
w = waterfall(x, y)