The text! function is just a convenience around the Title type in the same way as the title! function, so that end-users don’t need to reference ec.title directly (though, nothing prevents users modifying the EChart chart instance).

Two methods are provided. If you just want to append a piece of text to the EChart, you can use the method without specifying a series. If you want to modify a piece of text in place, specify its series (such as to change the font without changing the text or other features).

Method Signatures

text!(ec::EChart) #push new text onto EChart
text!(ec::EChart, series::Int) #modify a piece of text in place

Optional Arguments

show::Union{Bool,Void} = true
text::Union{String,Void} = nothing
link::Union{String,Void} = nothing
target::Union{String,Void} = "blank"
textStyle::Union{TextStyle,Void} = nothing
textAlign::Union{String,Void} = nothing
textBaseline::Union{String,Void} = nothing
subtext::Union{String,Void} = nothing
sublink::Union{String,Void} = nothing
subtarget::Union{String,Void} = "blank"
subtextStyle::Union{TextStyle,Void} = nothing
padding::Union{Array{Int,1},Int,Void} = 5
itemGap::Union{Int,Void} = 5
zlevel::Union{Int,Void} = 0
z::Union{Int,Void} = 2
left::Union{Int,String,Void} = "left"
top::Union{Int,String,Void} = "auto"
right::Union{Int,String,Void} = "auto"
bottom::Union{Int,String,Void} = "auto"
backgroundColor::Union{String,Void, JSFunction} = nothing
borderColor::Union{String,Void} = "transparent"
borderWidth::Union{Int,Void} = 1
shadowBlur::Union{Int,Void} = nothing
shadowColor::Union{String,Void} = nothing
shadowOffsetX::Union{Int,Void} = 0
shadowOffsetY::Union{Int,Void} = 0


Add text to a chart

using ECharts, RDatasets
df = dataset("datasets", "mtcars")
sgrp = scatter(df, :MPG, :HP, :Cyl)
title!(sgrp, text = "Horsepower vs. Miles Per Gallon")
text!(sgrp, subtext = "Source: mtcars dataset from R", left = "0%", bottom = "0%")
text!(sgrp, 2, sublink = "")