Method Signatures

#Array methods
scatter(x::AbstractVector{<:Union{Missing, Real}}, y::AbstractVector{<:Union{Missing, Real}})
scatter(x::AbstractVector{<:Union{Missing, Real}}, y::AbstractArray{<:Union{Missing, Real}, 2})

#Dataframe methods
scatter(df::AbstractDataFrame, x::Symbol, y::Symbol)
scatter(df::AbstractDataFrame, x::Symbol, y::Symbol, group::Symbol)

Optional Arguments

legend::Bool = false
scale::Bool = false
large::Bool = true #optimize rendering in presence of larger data
largeThreshold::Int = 2000 #number of points considered "larger" data
kwargs...(modifies top-level `EChart` fields)


Single Series

using ECharts
sc = scatter(rand(30), rand(30))

Multiple Series

using ECharts
sc2 = scatter(rand(30), hcat(rand(30), rand(30)))

DataFrame with group argument

using ECharts, RDatasets
df = dataset("datasets", "mtcars")
sgrp = scatter(df, :MPG, :HP, :Cyl)