Note that xline and yline is a reference to what each axis is labeled within the EChart; it does not need to be a horizontal line for yline!, if the EChart has a horizontal orientation (i.e. the ‘value’ axis is the horizontal axis)

Method Signatures

yline!(ec::EChart, value::String) #One of {"min", "max", "average"}
yline!(ec::EChart, value::Real) #Any numeric value

xline!(ec::EChart, value::Any) #Any value, depending on type of X axis

Optional Arguments

series::Int = 1
color::Union{AbstractVector,String,Void} = nothing
width::Union{Int,Void} = nothing
_type::Union{String,Void} = nothing
shadowBlur::Union{Int,Void} = nothing
shadowColor::Union{String,Void} = nothing
shadowOffsetX::Union{Int,Void} = nothing
shadowOffsetY::Union{Int,Void} = nothing
opacity::Union{Int,Void} = nothing
curveness::Union{AbstractFloat,Void} = nothing


using ECharts
x = ["Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday","Sunday"]
y = [11, 11, 15, 13, 12, 13, 10]
y2 = 3.7 .* y
as = area(x, hcat(y, y2))
yline!(as, "average")
yline!(as, 40.362)
xline!(as, "Tuesday")