Video: Overlay Histogram in R (Normal, Density, Another Series)

This video explains how to overlay histogram plots in R for 3 common cases: overlaying a histogram with a normal curve, overlaying a histogram with a density curve, and overlaying a histogram with a second data series plotted on a secondary axis.

Note: Towards the end of the video (maybe minute 14 or so), I make a language error when talking about the “padj” parameter in the mtext function…the setting doesn’t “left truncated” the label, I meant “right align”, “left align”, etc.


Histogram overlay in R code and sample data file


  1. RickWicklin says:

    Nice. Since I see from previous blog posts that you also use SAS, I wanted to point out a few ways to do similar operations in SAS:
    1) Most people are familiar with using PROC UNIVARIATE to plot the histogram and fit and overlay one or more parametric curves or KDES. For example:
    2) If you want to compare the densities for different variables, you can use PROC KDE:

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