Honored To Be A 2015 DAA Practitioner of The Year Finalist

So, in an unexpected twist, I’m a finalist for the 2015 DAA Practitioner of The Year. I don’t have actual numbers on how many people actually use my RSiteCatalyst software package, but maybe it’s actually enough people to have swung voting among the DAA membership. That’s certainly very cool, given that RSiteCatalyst is basically a project I maintain as a hobby!

Given that my work isn’t really digital analytics, I don’t anticipate winning this award, but it’s flattering that enough people think the software engineering I do as a hobby is worthy of recognition. Unfortunately, I won’t be in attendance at the Gala due to prior family commitments, but if anyone would like to accept the award on my behalf should I win, give me a shout.

Next year, keep me and a few close friends in mind when voting for New Technology of The Year. It’s too soon to say why, but when it’s time to talk, the vote will be obvious.


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