Video: R, RStudio, Rcmdr & rattle

I did a screencast for my co-workers to show how to get started with R, specifically what a base installation of R looks like, then showing how to improve your workflow using RStudio, Rcmdr or rattle.  The examples are somewhat pedestrian, but it gives a feel for what using R actually looks like.

If you have any questions, comments, or jeers about how bad I am at R, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!

R Demo – Randy Zwitch from Keystone Solutions on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Randy
    Thank you for your R demo video.
    I discovered R a few months ago through taking a couple of the Coursera/John Hopkins University courses. I was familiar with R-Studio, but wasn’t aware of RCmdr and Rattle until seeing your video, they are fantastic and are really going to help me develop my data analysis skills. So thanks again for posting.
    Ian Mac
    Sydney, Australia.

    • Ian Mac Thanks for stopping by Ian, glad you were able to find this video useful!  Good luck on your journey to develop data analysis skills 🙂
      If you haven’t already, there’s another GUI that wasn’t referenced in this video that’s called “Deducer”. The best part of Deducer is that it has a great interface to get started with ggplot2 graphics, which can be a bit difficult to get started with as an R beginner.

  2. Its a great video Randy, I would like to personally connect with you and see if you can help me in a very good project where R can be used?

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