About Randy Zwitch

randy zwitchI am an economist turned energy forecaster, banker, digital analytics consultant, open source developer and data scientist/engineer. I’m predominantly a user of open-source technologies (R, Python, Julia, MySQL, Postgres, Hadoop) and a heavy Amazon Web Services user (Redshift, DynamoDB, EC2, S3).


Although I work full-time, on occasion I do accept smaller consulting engagements around digital strategy, digital analytics, predictive modeling, getting started with ‘Big Data’, etc. If you’re a smaller company/startup looking for technical advice, want to learn how to incorporate any of the open-source libraries I’ve written or need a predictive model built, fill out the form below with your needs and I’ll be in touch.

A note about technologies used on this website (my pseudo-privacy policy)

Any number of web measurement and optimization tools may be installed on this blog at any given time as I look to keep up with the industry.

If this type of tracking makes you uncomfortable, note that I have no way of knowing anything about you, as there are no requirements to input PII data on this website.  To the extent that you leave any comments, all authentication is done through WordPress, I have no visibility into the authentication process or any data submitted within.

But, if any of this still makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to browse using FireFox or Chrome Private Browsing, AdBlock or similar plugins…really, whatever makes you feel comfortable consuming the content here.